Vacuum Lifter Crane

Reliability and adaptability

After completion of production process, the paper rolls are placed mechanically upright. A vacuum paper roll lifter crane is then positioned on top of the paper roll and the vacuum is activated producing an airtight sealed paper surface, making the roll ready for handling. The suction pad needs to be placed on top of the paper reel, which means the reels can be placed closely together, maximising storage.

A Konecranes vacuum lifter crane is a versatile, reliable, ergonomic crane for safe and fully automatic paper roll handling. The Konecranes vacuum lifter crane is designed for safer, fully automatic paper roll handling, and it includes many functions such as high handling rates, gentle gripping action, and handling wide variety of fine paper grades and roll sizes.

Customer story - Äänekoski, Finland

“We had a really tight schedule. The average delivery time for the contractors was down to four months. For Konecranes, that was not an issue, and they delivered the grip on time. We noticed that Konecranes’ people are really professional, the same professionals that we learned to appreciate the last time we worked with them, in 2008. Even our special requests were handled quickly, and production started in September, exactly on time.”

Timo Salo, Project Manager, Metsä Board


Advanced equipment features which helps increase paper storage efficiency

  • Intelligent sensors guide positioning, load handling and safety.
  • Purpose-built bottom seal rings provide roll protection.
  • Automatic diameter detection
  • Independent vacuum pumps.
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic modes
  • Smart Features such as Sway control, Slack Pope Prevention, Immediate Load Pickup
  • Regenerative braking
  • Advanced crane control systems
  • Hinged electric boxes for easy access for maintenance
  • Compact design


Our vacuum lifter will really make a difference to your paper storage

  • Efficient and safe roll handling with Intelligent sensors such as centering pin integrating sensors, sensors in the bottom and the center cone.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity with smart features like Immediate load pickup and slack rope detection.
  • Improved cycle time with help of automatic diameter detection enables fast gripping of small roll weights and “jumbo roll” handling for bigger rolls
  • Maintenance is simple with hinged electric boxes allowing easy access to other components
  • Maximised safety with the help of Independent systems and backups, including a redundant vacuum pump.
  • Flexibility with Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic modes.
  • Increased floor space usage with compact design.
  • Energy savings due to Regenerative braking.
  • Maximum safety for operating personnel.
Vaccum lifter image

Technical Specifications

Bridge capacity

<7.5 -11 - 15 t

Winch type

Purpose-built open winch

Weight of trolley

7 – 8 - 9 t


25 - 30 – 35 m

Lifting height, max.

20 m

Bridge/Trolley travel speed

120 m/min / 60 m/min

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Main User Interface


Manual/Automated control


Bridge/Trolley power supply


Class of traveling/traversing machinery


Electrical braking


Ideal addition to your paper storage facility

We know what’s needed for paper manufacturing, and we understand the value of your product. Our vacuum lifter will help you to keep your freshly manufactured paper rolls undamaged as you move around it within your facility.

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