Coker cranes

Smart design for a tough job

A coker crane in a petrochemical plant moves hot, fresh coke fuel in the coke pit out of the way of the coke drum so that coke gets cool down. After 24 hours, the crane moves the cooled, de-watered coke to a crusher, hopper, or conveyor. The work is fast and continuous, and downtime completely halts production. The crane operates in a harsh environment full of moisture, corrosive fumes and abrasive dust.
A Konecranes coker crane is an electric overhead travelling (EOT), Semi Gantry or Gantry crane designed for the constant wear and stress of around-the-clock operation in the tough conditions of the coke pit. High durability and easy access to components ensure short maintenance intervals so that it’s never offline for long. With a span of up to 46 meters, it features an independent traveling cab for improved operator visibility.


  • Chemical filtration in operator cab 
  • Ergonomic chair and controls 
  • High drum-to-sheave ratio—30:1 vs. standard 24:1
  • Innovative rope reeving with three re-reevings of the rope in the drum
  • Intelligent load cells on each drum with load-summing and load balancing
  • Grab control synchronizes hoist machinery
  • Sturdy and long-lasting grab bucket
  • Skew and sway control smart features
  • Inverter duty motors
  • Laser sensors
  • Independent traveling cabs
  • Regenerative braking returns runoff power to the energy grid of the crane
  • Weather-protected and pressurized control house
  • Optional spare inverters, air conditioners, regen converter units and travel drives
  • Crane monitoring system (CMS)
  • Remote Monitoring Service


  • Extended rope lifetime due to high drum-to-sheave ratio—30:1 vs. the standard 24:1
  • Reduced maintenance costs over time with innovative rope reeving system
  • Improved operator visibility with independent traveling cabs
  • No overloaded or unbalanced loads as we use intelligent load cells on each drum with a load-summing and load balancing feature. 
  • Grab control synchronizes the hoisting machineries reducing overloads and increasing rope and mechanical component life.
  • Skew control reduces wheel and rail wear and reduces stress on wheels, bearings, rails, rail attachments and support structures.
  • Sway control reduces load sway, reducing collisions with hoppers and pit walls, reducing damage to buckets, hoppers and the pit. 
  • Energy saving due to Regenerative braking as it returns runoff power to the energy grid of the crane.
  • Precise speed control with inverter duty motors
  • control house is weather-protected and pressurized
  • Chemical filtration in operator cab continuously removes contaminants from the atmosphere, protecting sensitive control components and employees.
  • Semi-Automatic function reduces cycle time and eventually increases production and operator efficiency.
  • Restricted area function takes care of safety avoiding clashing of grab with wall pits and hopper.

Technical Specification

  EOT Coker Crane
Winch type Tailored open winch
Lifting device - grab Tailored
Lifting capacity Tailored
Lifting height Up to 46 m
Span Tailored
Bridge/Trolley travel speed  Tailored
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and main user interface Standard
Manual/Automated control Radio/ HMI Panel/Cabin
Bridge/ Trolley power supply Festoon/Energy Chain
Motor control system Konecranes VFD
Electrical braking Regenerative
Automated: unmanned control HMI panel


Enhancing safety and work efficiency

With our knowledge of the petrochemical industry, our coker cranes are made of durable, high-quality components that will provide you with years of reliable lifting in your coke pit. Their design comes from consultation with refineries all over the world. The high quality of Konecranes lifting equipment together with our outstanding service meets the challenges of the toughest operating environments safely and efficiently.
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