A strategy is nothing without ambitious targets that chart the way to success.

Konecranes has outlined three challenging business targets that will guide it to becoming the world leader in material handling solutions creating value for everyone.

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Konecranes aims for sales growth faster than the market*

Business Segments


Sales growth clearly faster than the market*

Industrial Equipment

Sales growth in line with the market*

Port Solutions

Sales growth clearly faster than the market*

* nominal world GDP growth, IMF World Economic Outlook

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Comparable EBITA margin of 12-15%* as soon as possible, but no later than in 2027

Business Segments


Comparable EBITA margin of 20-24%*

Industrial Equipment

Comparable EBITA margin of 8-10%*

Port Solutions

Comparable EBITA margin of 9-11%*

* profitability range, depending on the cycle 

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Konecranes aims to have carbon neutral own operations by 2030 and continues the work to reach its science-based targets, in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

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Business targets

We have outlined three challenging business targets to measure our performance and success: Growth, Profitability and Sustainability.

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Strategic enablers

We will grow our business on the foundation of five strategic enablers that have made Konecranes an industry leader.

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Our markets

We are a truly global player in material handling, serving a wide range of customers from multiple industries in over 50 countries.

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Konecranes taps into the global megatrends impacting our business and operating environment.