Doing Business with Konecranes

Building a good relationship with suppliers

Our Global Supplier Manual and Code of Conduct describe the requirements and ways of working that we apply together with our suppliers to ensure our products and services meet strict quality demands and are delivered on time.

The business relationship between Konecranes and a Supplier is based on mutual respect for written agreements and the specified requirements of individual orders. The business relationship and performance must also be appraised, maintained and continually improved. This relationship may evolve in some cases towards strategic co-operation and joint planning of future business areas.

Konecranes will categorise and segment onboarded Suppliers internally. Based on segmentation level, Konecranes may nominate a Supplier Manager to assume overall business responsibility for the Supplier. Supplier segmentation determines the basic rules of overall relationship management and such aspects as the frequency of periodical business review meetings between the companies. Forecasting and the frequency of demand updates will be agreed separately with each Supplier to serve the needs of both companies.

Relationship management process between Konecranes and a Supplier

Supplier Relationship Management

This process follows on from the new Supplier onboarding process.

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Konecranes Global Supplier Manual

Updated 3 May 2022