Portal Crane Technology

Portal Crane Technology for a Smarter, Safer, More Productive Workplace

As a leader in the research and development of portal crane technology, Konecranes has an assortment of best-in-class technology offerings designed to save you time and make you more productive:

• Diagnostic PLC systems
• High efficiency AC control systems
• Smart features like GPS collision avoidance
• Overload limit system for alarm and shutdown capabilities
• Weighing system for inventory management
• Patented reeving system designed to minimize sway and provide accurate load movements
• Emergency egress descent devices, with full body harness and attaching points.

Portal Crane Technology Upgrades

Several Smart Features are available on Portal cranes, which are designed not only improve safety but also to speed up work. For example, we can add a GPS positioning system for collision avoidance with end stops, cranes or obstructions. You can update your crane with Smart Features as your requirements change.

Konecranes’ advanced Remote Monitoring and Reporting system, TRUCONNNECT® is available as an option to improve your awareness of how your cranes are actually being used on a day-to-day basis.

By adding today’s technology to your existing equipment, you’ll be able to experience added comfort, reliability and control. For example, a newer, more ergonomic cab upgrade (with a set-back seat) may incorporate comfort considerations that are not found in earlier systems. Newer storm brake systems and cable reels/festoons can refresh an otherwise dated system.

Contact Juergen Gieske to discuss which portal crane technology options are right for you.



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