Portal Crane History

Excellence in Portal Crane Design 

Did you know that Konecranes has nearly 40 years of proven performance in the Portal crane industry?

Our unique portal crane design dates back to the early Heede™ cranes sold from 1976 and 1982, when the Heede organization became the P&H® Portal Crane Group, now a part of Konecranes.

Designed for Long-Lasting Service, Easy Maintenance

Built rugged for demanding environments, Konecranes portal cranes have enduring lower cord structures and upper cord with reinforced cluster points.

This lattice design is cost-effective when compared to box girder structures. The open design also allows for the easy inspection of critical welds throughout the life of the crane.

Long-standing, Proven Portal Crane Systems

Our first log-handling crane, which was commissioned in 1977, uses our lattice design and is still in operation. Since then, Konecranes has manufactured and commissioned over 150 portal cranes around the world. Today, the best features of our original cranes have been incorporated into our latest technology.


The Konecranes team offers portal crane equipment, service, modernizations and training. Contact Juergen Gieske  for your portal crane needs.



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