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| A reputation for emphasising safety

Konecranes has been supplying and servicing lifting equipment for the nuclear industry for more than 50 years. And now more than 60 percent of nuclear facilities around the world use our products.

Konecranes was heavily involved in the original development of single-failure-proof cranes for the nuclear industry, cranes that are still used in critical load-lifting applications today. During our time serving the nuclear industry, we have maintained the distinction of never experiencing a Part 21 reportable nuclear defect or noncompliance issue. Our expertise and concern for nuclear safety is recognised throughout the industry; we serve in several nuclear advisory groups, including ASME NOG-1.

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| Quality control

Konecranes maintains an active nuclear quality-control programme that has been audited and approved in compliance with almost every relevant worldwide regulatory standard. Our nuclear quality-control programme adheres to stringent quality, testing and documentation requirements that can be customised to meet local standards.

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| In-house engineering and analysis

We are one of the few suppliers in the material handling business that has the capability to complete engineering analyses in-house with our own engineering personnel. Our staff includes over 100 engineers in disciplines applicable to industrial nuclear material handling: seismic analyses, safety analyses and regulatory compliance.

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