Auxiliary handling

Konecranes CXT crane

Strength, power, reliability

An auxiliary crane is a crane used in a paper manufacturing plant to support raw material handling and help with maintenance tasks. Basically, it is a spare crane that can replace the main lifting equipment in case of unexpected downtime, or it can assist in repairs or service, minimising any delays to production.

A Konecranes auxiliary crane is a compact, robust and general-purpose lifting machine designed for an industrial operating environment. Depending on your facility, two models are particularly suitable for this purpose. A jib crane with a C-series hoist is an versatile piece of equipment that works well with overhead cranes on production lines and keeps machining cells and warehouses running. The CXT crane was designed and manufactured specifically for safe and reliable industrial load handling.

If the crane had not fit into the factory hall, the only option would have been to lower the winder, which would have brought its own difficulties. Without Konecranes, we would probably have had to take a timeout to rethink the whole situation.

Janne Kuivalainen, Production Manager, Stora Enso Packaging


Support applications

An auxiliary crane most commonly works alongside:

  • Deinking (DIP) plant cranes
  • Roll wrapping cranes
  • Expedition and shipping equipment
  • Power stations
  • Mezzanine floor monorail hoists
  • Vacuum pumps maintenance cranes
  • Roll wrapping line crane
  • Core handling cranes
  • Maintenance hoists
Konecranes CXT single girder crane


Our Cranes often work in confined spaces in conjunction with other equipment’s when handling a wide variety of loads. This is why we design cranes well equipped for handling multifaceted challenges in terms of safety, ergonomics and productivity.

  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic options
  • Optional Smart Features
  • Advanced crane controls systems
  • Self-adjusting brakes with minimal maintenance effort
  • Simple hoist suspension bracket design for easy installation
  • Slipping clutch
  • Durable limit switches
  • Ergonomic pendant and handy, lightweight hook
  • High-quality core of lifting components, such as motors and precision gears
  • Protection against heat, moisture and corrosion
  • Compact design
  • Long-lasting, easy-access components
  • Variable speeds
Konecranes CXT crane


Konecranes cranes are state-of-the-art, economical cranes running on rails that can be easily integrated into your paper mill.

  • Flexibility with Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic modes.
  • Increased floor space usage with compact design
  • Simplify and minimise maintenance costs
  • Quiet and smooth operation for ultimate operator comfort
  • Smartly built with the toughness, precision, and reliability of components designed for many operations
  • Fast and simple installation, with easy access to all wearing components
  • Comprehensive, systematic, and world-class product maintenance
  • Recognized for high quality and trusted customer service globally
  • Smooth travel and variable speeds.
  • Overload protection system
  • Design based on total cost of ownership

Proven technology

Konecranes has been working with pulp, paper and wood since the 1920s. That long experience has built a modern expertise that shows in every crane we deliver, including the auxiliary cranes that provide process support in pulp and paper factories. Alongside an excellent product, we can offer you a localised maintenance contract that helps make your cranes a sound, safe investment.

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