Parts package

Parts package

The right parts at the right time

An active preventive maintenance program can reduce downtime and increase reliability. Keeping parts in inventory, especially in process-critical operations, can further reduce downtime when performing maintenance or repairs.

Konecranes Parts Packages are specifically designed according to your application and usage requirements. Our parts experts provide you with a comprehensive parts package which is based on our experience with more than 600,000 assets under service agreement and your individual needs.

Our parts package includes critical and wearing parts as well as an option to include investment parts such as motors, gearboxes and inverters. Having parts on hand will help you reduce and manage crane-related risks for your operation.

Whether for a single crane or an entire fleet, our packages provide information on possible interchangeability across your critical cranes. You’ll know which parts are suitable for each of the cranes included in the package – letting you keep less parts in stock.

Having the right parts in inventory not only helps maximize the uptime of your cranes, but it is also more cost effective than buying parts individually when you consider transport and labour costs for each time you need to replace a part. Having parts on hand also saves valuable time when making repairs.