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Our approach to overall sustainability.

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Supporting circular economy

Reducing our environmental footprint and maximizing our handprint on the full lifecycle level.

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Targets and Progress

Improving our performance continuously.

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Products and concepts

Significant environmental improvements can be achieved through smarter and resource efficient offering.

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Sustainability Governance

We continuously improve the environmental performance of our products, services and operations.

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Environmental Product Declarations

Taking environmental aspects into consideration in the design phase.

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Policies and commitments

Committed to responsible business practices.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility covers our own employees and all the people we have an impact on.

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Diversity and Inclusion

A diversity of minds is fundamental for us to stay competitive in a fast changing world.

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Our deeply-rooted safety culture is visible in everything we do.

Konecranes Extraordinary General Meeting 2020

Konecranes REACH notice

Konecranes REACH notice

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Compliance & Ethics

Committed to responsible business practises