At Konecranes we have a strong commitment to provide our customers with service and equipment of unrivalled safety, quality, and reliability. By applying our unique knowledge, innovative technology, and proactive service attitude, we earn the trust of our customers. Quality is incorporated into our internal processes, supported by Konecranes Way, our model for Lean operations. This allows us to create solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability in customers’ operations and gives us a structured approach to ensure steady overall performance. It also strengthens our sustainability commitment by minimizing waste. 
Konecranes Quality Policy Statement

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Customer experience & satisfaction is the foundation for our operational development. We closely monitor our Voice of Customer data to identify ways to improve our products and services. We work hard to minimize the customer non-conformities, but we learn from them, investigating the root causes and improving quality of our products and services.


We take safety very seriously, not only in our own manufacturing but also by supporting our customers. We encourage customers to report to us any undesired behaviour in our machines, allowing us to investigate and mitigate problems through our Accident Investigation Report system. The feedback is also used in our continuous improvement efforts.

Product Excellence and Sustainability

Our cranes are built around the Core of Lifting. This is the package of key components such as motors and gears that we design and manufacture in-house according to highest quality standards. Furthermore, our innovation supports the creation of sustainable, high-quality solutions. Customers wish to optimize their resource utilization, and the equipment they use plays a big part in reaching that goal. Through our Product Excellence program, we develop our product lines to be even more energy efficient and prioritize materials that have less environmental impact.

Konecranes CXT crane Reponen Joutsa

Getting it right the first time

A culture of continuous learning and improvement is a key enabler of quality in Konecranes. Our People are committed to do the ordinary things extraordinary well, and to improve continuously our way of working. In accordance with our lean operations approach, we support and train our people in owning and delivering improvements in the processes they are involved in. We strive to continuously improve, in order to get right the first time in everything we do, so that we minimize the risk of deviations in quality.

Our efforts are supported by Konecranes’ technological leadership. We use reliable, high-quality data to support our decision-making. The data helps us in solving root-causes for problems and process deviations, a crucial part in identifying hidden costs.

Quality in everything we do - Do it right the first time!

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