Sustainability Governance

Sustainability work at Konecranes is embedded into our governance processes at several levels. The Board of Directors approves the long-term ambition level and targets. The Konecranes Board of Directors Human Resources Committee is the official supervisory board committee monitoring sustainability performance and activities annually. Sustainability themes and metrics are regularly on the agenda of the Konecranes Leadership Team.

Operational sustainability activities, such as projects, programs and processes, are reviewed by the Sustainability Council and managed by the Konecranes’ Sustainability team together with our three segments. In addition, we have an executive-level Compliance & Ethics Committee to oversee the implementation and development of our compliance & ethics program managed by the Head of Compliance & Ethics.

Our operations and ways of working are guided by Konecranes’ Code of Conduct and our values and principles for economic, social and environmental responsibility. In practical terms, this means conducting business on high ethical standards and extending these principles also down the supply chain.

Sustainability governance at Konecranes