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yourKONECRANES a professional tool for Business Review

Dongguan, a city located in South China, is already in hot summer in late May. But that doesn’t affect the busy production for Maersk Dongguan. Headquartered in Denmark, with production facilities in China, Maersk Container Industry is an integrated transport and logistics company with multiple brands and a global leader in container shipping and ports. With the roaring sound of the machines, we followed the Konecranes on-site technician, together with the customer, on a visit to the Maersk Dongguan facility.

Konecranes has been performing lifting equipment maintenance for Maersk Dongguan for more than 10 years. At the end of 2017, Konecranes launched the yourKONECRANES customer portal in South China. Using the portal in a Business Review gives us the opportunity to help the customer understand the service activities, crane status, service agreements as well as improvement suggestions.

Konecranes Guangzhou branch manager Wei Dai started the Business Review with opening the overview page of yourKONECRANES, the real-time data of the cranes immediately leaped up on the screen. The Maersk Dongguan facility has many assets with different locations and this overview page provided key information such as the number of cranes, safety alerts, and risks - especially the critical assets that need more attention during the review process.

In yourKONECRANES, the customer can visit the specific crane pages to see all the details. “These data provide very good support and evidence for our next maintenance plan. It will be clear for us to know what are the priorities. Moreover, we also found one crane had a brake loss according to the safety alerts, this reminded us that we could do some optimization to the production process to avoid such risks by ourselves,” said the Maersk Dongguan equipment supervisor.

The next demonstration to the customer was unresolved risks and the remaining design working period (DWP) of these assets. “We need to pay more attention about those data. It shows the possible risks which may affect the safety and productivity. I recommend we need to take further actions,” Wei Dai said. “And if you want to know more details, you can click on the relevant descriptions and suggestions here,” he added.

Then, Wei Dai demonstrated service activities and calendar features – how it shows all the past visits and future schedules. In the last part of the Business Review, total spend is also one of the customer focuses. The spend data in yourKONECRANES corresponds to all service activities, clearly shows every customer expense in the past year. It also can show all the spending at once by different service type. Another filter in the system enables the customer to see the trends with spend figures for the most critical assets, so it can help prioritize corrective actions and investments.

A Business Review with the professional tool of yourKONECRANES helps customers access asset lists, service schedules, service reports, maintenance histories, service spend and agreement details. “Your on-site service is very professional and efficient, there is no downtime accident so far. This yourKONECRANES system is very impressive, its interface is user-friendly, gives easy and quick access to your service data and view the reports,” said the Maersk Dongguan equipment supervisor.


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