For more than 100 years, safety and reliability have been the cornerstones of the Konecranes product and service offering. As connectivity increases and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, information security is essential for all aspects of how we do business – from manufacturing and servicing equipment to our digital ecosystem including our customer sites, global enterprise platforms and productivity-enhancing apps.

Konecranes is committed to corporate digital responsibility and demonstrating ISO 27001 compliance in information security management. We strive to exceed stakeholder expectations in our approach to cyber security and instill confidence in the Konecranes brand.


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Security objectives

Solid information security performer

Konecranes is a solid information security performer who meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Information security risks are minimized

Konecranes information security risk is minimized and good visibility to risk level is provided to management, including internal processes, delivery operations and Konecranes products and services.

Information security builds customer trust

Customers and other stakeholders have high trust in Konecranes.

Technology leader's solutions are digitally secure

Konecranes way of managing information security strengthens Konecranes brand as technology leader.


Reporting cybersecurity issues


If you suspect any cybersecurity issue impacting Konecranes or its customers, report it immediately to

supplier e-mail address3



If you suspect any cybersecurity issue related to Konecranes products and services, report it to your Konecranes contact.