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Design Life Analysis
The Design Life Analysis has been designed to calculate the remaining design life of crane structures and machineries based on usage history and the…
Steel Structure Analysis
The Steel Structure Analysis has been designed to calculate the remaining fatigue life in a crane steel structure and inspect it for any defects.
10 ways to help improve overhead crane safety
Every worker around the globe wants to return home safely at the end of each shift. No matter what industry you work in – from steel mills and car…
Goliath RailQ
Expert article
Gert Meenink, Field Support Engineer, Service Product Trainer Konecranes runway alignment survey is a workhorse technology that can help solve a…
waste to energy barcelona
We have more than 50 years of experience in waste handling and we have 600,000 assets under service agreement. We’ve used that knowledge and…
Broken hook
Expert article
Dave Hermanowski, Technical Trainer Results are cast not in stone, but magnetic rubber Crane owners pay for thousands of OSHA-mandated inspections…
Expert article
Fred Rau - Crane Reliability Specialist & Modernization Engineer When your company changes production or processes, you may need to consider…
Expert article
Saku Aspelin - Consultation Services Manager, APAC Although crane design classes have different designations in different design standards, one…