Hazardous Environment Jib Cranes

Konecranes jib cranes are very easy to install and operate. Used almost everywhere, you will find jib cranes in small workshops, big factory assembly lines, manufacturing plants, and harbors. Their application can adapt to whatever you need to lift, up to 2 metric tons.

You can also fit our jib cranes with a hoist specially designed for an explosive atmosphere. The EXCXT wire rope hoist, EXN electric chain hoist, EXB belt hoist or EK manual hoists are all suitable for hazardous environments.

The jib crane advantage in an explosive atmosphere

Depending on your needs, our jib cranes offer many advantages in design. The low headroom model is good for a restricted work space. With more room, you can also get a crane with a larger working area below the hook outreach dimension. Its low deadweight reduces stress towards your buildings. These are only a few of the options available.

All our jib cranes have a unique adjustable console bearing as a standard feature. Your horizontal beam adjustments are very simple and accurate. The cranes do not need disassembly for this process. Your service team will spend less time exposed to any potential hazards, and your crane will be more productive.

Precision keeps things safe

A more precise alignment of the horizontal beam also improves safety. With unintentional movements minimized, you can control the trolley and crane jib more easily. This extra stability is of particular advantage in an explosive atmosphere, where an unbalanced load could cause a lot of damage.

A main disconnect switch and a separate emergency stop button on the chain hoist pendant give added reassurance.