Manual Hoists

Konecranes manual chain hoists and manual lever pullers are an excellent choice in any environment where electricity is impractical or not available. Without electronics, they are also an economical solution when you don't need to lift every day. With a load range of ¼ ton to 20 tons, our manual hoists are sure to cover your lifting needs.

Hand-operated and still safe and long-lasting

We are well-known for the safety of our equipment, and our manual hoists are no exception. A dual Pawl Weston-style brake with 2 friction discs provides 4 braking surfaces. The compact design means reduced weight, which makes loads easier and safer to handle. The KM2 even includes an overload limiter.

One of the reasons our manual hoists and lever pullers are so safe is their durability. Alloy steel chains are galvanized for corrosion resistance. The brake is enclosed to protect against dirt. An open chain path allows simple inspection and cleaning.

In addition, Konecranes hoists and lever pullers fully comply with the demanding international standards required by ASME B30.

Manual chain hoists and lever pullers adapting to your needs

Konecranes makes four kinds of manual hoists: the KL and KLP Manual Lever Pullers, the KM Series II Manual Chain Hoist, and the Army style hand chain block hoist. Choose a hand geared chain trolley or manual push trolley, which both allow for low headroom. You can also install our hoists into your existing equipment.

Depending on the model, standard lift ranges from 1.5 meters to 3 meters, with options for non-standard lifts as well. Compact size and light weight means you can easily use your hoist in many locations. The KL and KLP manual lever pullers are able to operate in tight spaces with 360º handle rotation.

Konecranes also makes manual hoists for hazardous environments.