Waste to Energy Crane Automation


Automation for WTE cranes

Waste to energy (WTE) crane automation in waste handling reduces operator fatigue and decreases the risk of crane failure. It also helps in load positioning and collision avoidance.

Unmanned, fully automated cranes can reduce direct operational costs and the most advanced plant layouts allow crane operation from a central control room. Tailored monitoring services give versatile tools for controlling the process either from the operator’s pulpit or remotely from the central control room.

You can choose from various automation modes the one to best suit your particular requirements. These modes are semi automation, feeding automation, mixing automation and unmanned 3-shift full automation.

Konecranes Crane Management System

As an optional device, Konecranes CMS (Crane Management System) offers a user-friendly computer application that collects and analyzes crane data. It is a high-performance, stand-alone computer application designed with modern tools especially for crane applications.

Konecranes CMS improves crane reliability and availability with extensive real-time measurement and diagnostics data. Konecranes CMS provides clear reports for analyzing the use and productivity of the crane.