Billet Cranes

Features of billet cranes

Billet cranes feed the rolling mill and are therefore critical to its operation. They belong to same product family as slab cranes, and they share many features. Sometimes they incorporate a rotating trolley in order to position the product correctly in relation to the conveyor. Billet handling cranes must be able to handle radiant heat from the product.

Billet cranes are high production cranes with high speed requirements. Load control is used for smooth, accurate positioning of the load and assists the operator in maximizing throughput.

The Billet Crane can be equipped with lifting magnets. In addition, billet grabs or a combination of magnets and C-hooks are available when billets are extremely hot. To keep the productivity at a high level, the traveling speed of the Konecranes Billet Crane can be up to 130m/min. The lifting capacity can be as much as 75 metric tons with a loading device.

Advanced crane control features executed with modern automation technology help guide the operator in precise placement and safe transport of the load along its path. Konecranes’ goal is zero unplanned downtime of these critical cranes, and we partner with our customers to develop maintenance-friendly features.