Biomass Handling Cranes

Cranes provide benefits for biomass plants

Many biomass energy plants today use cranes instead of front-end loaders or conveyors. Cranes need less energy, eliminate diesel fumes from inside your plant, and maximize your available floor space, just to name a few advantages

Fill the Hopper

In biomass energy plants, biomass handling cranes automatically start the working cycle to transfer the material from the reception pocket to the adjacent storage. Likewise, the crane automatically starts the working cycle to fill the hopper from the storage after the reception of the command “fill the hopper” from the sensor of the hopper.

The whole material handling system is based on the online storage management system. Follow-up is arranged through a monitor from the central control room.

The same modular solutions used in Konecranes WTE cranes are applicable to Biomass Handling Cranes.

Maintenance reducing software:

Maintenance Reducing Electrical Features:

  • Integrated Drum-Mounted Power Cable for grab
  • AFE Network Braking

Maintenance reducing mechanical features:

  • 50,000 Hours Bearing Life
  • High Quality Gearing
  • Grouped Lubrication Fittings
  • Load Cells Integrated on Hoisting Machinery
  • Purpose-built Biomass Trolley