Charging Cranes

Features of charging cranes

Scrap charging cranes belong to same product family as ladle cranes, and they share many features. In many cases, charging cranes are also used to transport molten metal. Safety is a key issue for the charging cranes and redundancy together with load precise control.

Advanced crane control features executed with modern automation technology help guide the operator in precise placement and safe transport of the load along its path. Temperatures often exceed +70°C due to the heat emitting from the furnace. Charging cranes are shielded from the flames and are designed to operate in high ambient heat as well as the brief, intense heat of the charge itself.

Charging cranes are applicable to include a higher lifting capacity for infrequent maintenance tasks such as lifting the furnace shell. Konecranes’ goal is zero unplanned downtime of these critical cranes, and we partner with our customers to develop maintenance-friendly features.