Boost your production with Konecranes S-series crane

Konecranes S-series crane.

Whatever industry or application, the Konecranes S-series crane helps you to boost your production. It is designed to keep your production line up and running.

The Konecranes S-series crane has been radically redesigned both inside and out. It has set a new industry benchmark by introducing a never-before-seen hoist with a synthetic rope as well as Smart Features that improve safety and productivity, provide high usability and low maintenance.

Flexibility for a wide range of applications – for many different industries

Flexibility for a wide range of applications – for many different industries

The S-series crane is a highly advanced, precise, and durable lifting tool. With wide variety of hoist configurations and girder designs, it suits many kinds of industry applications and processes, like:

General Manufacturing - Manufacturing facilities must maintain a constant process flow, from incoming prefab or raw materials all the way to packaging and shipping. When any interruption is a production loss, the right lifting equipment will help keep your manufacturing workflow running. The S-series is a robust and reliable crane that also provides the high accuracy needed for assembly work.

Automotive – The ASR and Smart Features increase speed and accuracy, while optimizing material handling and safety in critical automotive processes. Snag Prevention or Hook Centering reduces the risk of collision with equipment or operators nearby. Follow Me makes moving the empty hook or light loads fast, which speeds up material handling and the process in general.

Metals and Steel – In challenging environments full of dust and heat, production must run smoothly without any unplanned interruptions. As a service crane, the S-series is safe, reliable, and easy to use, giving operators the freedom to concentrate on maintenance tasks.

Paper and Forest – In paper mills, load handling is demanding, so it is important that equipment is up and running whenever needed. Maintenance cranes are a critical part of the process. The S-series is an ideal service crane, reliable and easy to use for all kinds of maintenance tasks. Because the drum and synthetic rope do not require lubrication, the process area stays clean.

Flexibility for a wide range of applications – for many different industries

S-series hoist – a hoist for many cranes

The Konecranes S-series hoist configurations range from single-girder hoists up to 12.5 tons, double-girder hoists up to 20 tons as well as machinery and fixed hoists up to 12.5 tons.

S-series hoists

You can use the S-series hoist on many different types of cranes, depending on your specific requirements: On a jib crane, gantry crane, wall console crane, single girder crane, double-girder crane or on an under-running crane. It’s designed to improve the safety and productivity of your production flow.

S-series cranes

S-series cranes

Next generation reeving with two world-first innovations
What makes S-series different?

Next generation reeving with two world-first innovations

The Konecranes S-series hoist has a tilted drum. Tilting reduces fleet angles so that reeving components last longer. Offset reeving enables stable non-rotating hook movement and more balanced wheel loads. The hook position and the reeving arrangement prevent the ropes from crossing, to reduce rope wear and improve load handling; decrease frame twist, wear and fatigue; and keep the trolley steady with a much lighter and more balanced wheel load. The drum does not require lubrication.

S-series synthetic rope
What makes S-series different?

New, synthetic rope

The synthetic rope reduces wear on the drum and reeving components due to less surface pressure and friction. It is more durable than steel wire and does not require lubrication, reducing maintenance costs. It is also easier and safer to handle due to its lighter weight, and it does not fray or produce the sharp barbs common on steel wire rope, reducing the chance of hand injuries. Synthetic rope does not bend, birdcage or kink either, reducing replacement costs and maximizing productivity.

Did you know, that Dyneema® is one of the world’s strongest fibers that has been used for more than 30 years in demanding rigging applications such as lifting slings, mooring, and towing large sea vessels? Lives depend on it during search and rescue operations and mountain climbing. Konecranes is the first industrial overhead cranes company to use the Dyneema fiber as standard for hoisting.

Total control
What makes S-series different?

Total control and a new level of performance

Standardized inverter for hoisting brings ultimate control to lifting: More accurate load positioning, safer load handling, less stress on the crane and structure. Crane and hoist movements are stepless as standard. This enables smooth and accurate hoisting.

Unique Smart Features like Follow Me, Snag Prevention and Hook Centering take safety and efficiency to the next level. This means no more swinging around!

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