Konecranes S-series overhead crane

Innovation brings improved safety, usability 

  • The Konecranes S-series crane is changing the game in light-medium lifting as a new benchmark. An innovative hoist, synthetic rope and Smart Features make it a leader in lifting technology. Recently updated, it now has improved safety and productivity, allowing better load handling and less maintenance.

    Suitable for a range of girder configurations, the Konecranes S-series rope hoist can lift up to 20 tons with its advanced design, including off-set reeving, stepless hoisting and safety adding features that set the standard in modern lifting.

    Learn all about synthetic rope and what makes it a great choice for lifting. 
  • Konecranes S-series crane

New: S-series low headroom hoist

  • Konecranes S-series low headroom hoist
  • The latest addition to the Konecranes S-series family is the new low headroom hoist. This compact hoist boasts excellent approach dimensions and smooth stepless lifting with load dependent lifting motor for the ultimate user experience and shorter cycle times.

    Strong, lightweight, durable and clean synthetic rope improves the lifting experience by making it safer and easier to handle because it doesn’t fray or produce sharp barbs like steel wire rope. The hook block boasts improved finger protection and has a finger pocket that makes it safer and easier to grab when using features like Follow Me.

    The hoist also features integrated Smart Features to enhance your safety and help increase productivity with shorter load cycle times—especially useful for inexperienced crane operators. Safety also gets a boost from a safety light on the trolley that provides a visual signal of crane movement in the workspace to nearby personnel.

Product features

The Konecranes S-series overhead crane has many standard features:

•    Choice of girders: single and double girder - top running or underhung layouts
•    Compact Box, in addition to traditional box and profile girders
•    Tilted drum for longer reeving component lifetime
•    Offset reeving for more balanced wheel loads
•    Key mechanical components designed specifically for cranes
•    Synthetic rope: strong and durable, yet easy to handle and visible
•    Standardized inverter for hoisting and traveling movements
•    Smart Features: Hook Centering, Follow Me and Snag Prevention

Technical specs



Lifting capacity

Up to 20 tons

Lifting height




Crane options

Single and double girder, top and under-running

Girder design

Profile, box, compact box


Synthetic rope default, steel wire rope option

Hoisting motor

Stepless inverter hoisting default
2-speed hoisting option


Standard temperature: +5 … +40°C.


Anodized aluminum frame painted with 70 µm epoxy powder


DIN 15401

Trolley type

Single or double girder hoists

Power supply

Energy chain or flat cables

Control options

Pendant and/or radio

Integrated Smart Features

  • Hook Centering
  • Snag Prevention
  • Follow Me


Indoors and outdoors


Konecranes S-series overhead cranes offer the following product benefits:
•    Multiple layouts optimize lifting heights and working area underneath the crane
•    Use existing building structures with no further investment
•    Optimized hoist design significantly reduces structural twisting and wear
•    Light and safe rope needs no lubrication
•    Designed for usability, eco-efficiency and safety
•    Flexible tool suitable for many different industry applications
•    TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring provides real-time data for operations and maintenance planning

Consult our Crane Advisor

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to see if the S-series overhead crane suits your application. You can also visit the dedicated website to find out more about S-series crane.

Customer story

Precise and efficient load handling for pipe production

Konecranes delivered the new S-series crane to KE-KELIT in the town of Linz, Austria in 2020. Its innovative design, with stepless traveling and hoisting movements and the Adaptive Speed Range (ASR) feature, immediately made load handling more precise and efficient. The crane was also equipped with a state-of-the-art synthetic rope, requiring no lubrication. This makes the S-series crane the optimal choice for processes where cleanliness is vital.

Environmental Product Declaration for S-series crane

  • s-series crane


Innovative lifting brings advantages

Konecranes S-series overhead cranes use the latest innovations in crane technology for the ultimate in safety and usability. We offer an extensive selection of industrial lifting equipment suitable for a wide variety of production and process industries, backed up by comprehensive local service tailored to your needs. With Konecranes, you’re making a long-term investment in your business and your future success.

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Konecranes S-series

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