Konecranes technician holds tablet with yourKONECRANES
Customer story

Customers take advantage of online crane information

Our customer portal, yourKONECRANES.com, gives customers quick and easy access to their crane maintenance information, asset condition and usage data, and agreement details. Customers around the world and in many different industries have found the portal to be an extremely useful digital tool for maintenance planning, transparency and tracking crane usage and condition.


Customer in the marine industry

Monitoring and analyzing from command center

TRUCONNECT allows the customer to proactively plan for the replacement of critical components, analyze crane operator behavior, monitor trends and anomalies, along with important safety events such as overloads. And all of this can be done from the comfort of their main command center. yourKONECRANES also features easily generated and customized reports to suit the company’s individual needs for auditing or general review.


Customer in the power industry

Easier planning and budgeting and improved workflow

Using yourKONECRANES makes it much easier to review and plan annual equipment maintenance. Asset information including status, spending and maintenance records can be easily searched and reviewed in the portal helping the company with annual planning and budgeting. The company has also seen an improvement in workflow because the risks and recommendations can be found on yourKONECRANES and viewed anywhere instead of waiting for a paper report. This has helped ease their work.


Customer in the steel industry

Transparency, 24/7 access and tracking service visits

A Service Review was performed with the customer using live data on yourKONECRANES.com. After the review, the customer said they enjoyed being able to take full advantage of the Service Review right there on their computer—sharing that they love the transparency of yourKONECRANES and the 24/7 access to information and reports it offers. Additionally, they appreciate the calendar feature—specifically how it shows past visits and future appointments. Overall, the customer is extremely impressed with the tool.


Customer in the automotive industry

Real-time information accessible to all

This customer has utilized the yourKONECRANES customer portal to the fullest extent, having large screens in their workshop presenting real-time information of the condition of their cranes.


Customer in the integrated transport and logistics industry

Maintenance planning and process optimization

The information shown on yourKONECRANES during a Business Review provided good support and evidence for the company’s next maintenance plan. It was clear for them what were the priorities. For example, they found one crane had a brake loss according to the safety alerts, and this reminded them that they could do some optimization to the production process to avoid such risks. The company finds yourKONECRANES very impressive. The interface is user-friendly, and they can easily and quickly access service data and view the reports.


Customer in the paper industry

Bringing together information from several locations

This customer has a large number of equipment in different locations and yourKONECRANES makes it very easy for them to access the data and view service reports. The portal is helpful for their site management and they find the safety risks and improvement suggestions especially useful.