Sprinter Carriers

Konecranes is a leading supplier of handling solutions for ports, terminals and industry. Our special competence results from our many years of experience in the development and production of Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers and our intimate knowledge of terminal processes.

Decoupling terminal processes

For terminals that would like to decouple container transport and storage processes, the agile and fast Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers with travel speeds up to 32 km/h are the method of choice. Crucial advantage over all other solutions: our sprinter carriers can automatically pick and place containers – and also stack 1-over-1 if required. No other transport or handling equipment is required. This provides fast throughputs and prevents congestion in the ship-to-shore crane area or at the entries to stackyard.

Flexible concept

A terminal concept with Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers offers considerable benefits in terms of versatility. For in addition to a fast route between ship-to-shore and
stacking cranes and the decoupling of these functions, they make it possible to implement temporary container stacking areas between unloading points and stackyard. And they also demonstrate their strengths in intermodal operation with direct transshipment onto trains or road trucks, for example.

Building on proven technology

Sprinter carriers are based on the technological concept of Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers, but with lower model height and higher travel speeds. The machines are
powered either by a diesel-hydraulic, diesel-electric or a particularly efficient and eco-friendly hybrid system.

Dynamically expandable concept for the future

Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers are ideal for building and expanding entire fleets step-by-step to match your needs. State-of-the-art control, driver assistance systems and their potential for semi or full automation make Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers a dynamic concept sure to be a success in the long term.

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