Fuel Handling Cranes

Konecranes nuclear fuel handling equipment is currently operating in over 150 installations. Our knowledge and experience from such a long track record ensures safety and reliability, with less maintenance, a longer life cycle, and enhanced performance. We are leading suppliers to the nuclear industry worldwide.

Our nuclear fuel handling equipment is supersafe

This equipment is as safe as you can buy on the market today. Our Supersafe™ patented single failure proof technology makes an accidental fuel bundle drop almost impossible. Multiple redundant features, fail safe operator controls, and a grapple that still works without power or air all combine to increase your peace of mind.

Our nuclear equipment enjoys the full approval of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and is 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 compliant. It meets the most stringent international safety requirements, including NUREG-0554 and NUREG-0612.

Easy to use and long-lasting fuel handling

Plexiglass windows in the floor and around the mast and multiple cameras show operators what is happening at all times. Controls are designed for operators wearing the thick layers of protective clothing needed in a contamination zone. With precision movements accurate to within half a millimeter, you can always place your fuel exactly where you want it.

On-board diagnostics help your operators and maintenance crews. Service modularity means your equipment is back in operation quickly after maintenance or repair. Sturdy, reliable design, including stainless steel mast and grapple, means your equipment lasts for a longer life cycle and lower overall cost.