Polar cranes

Konecranes nuclear polar cranes are the result of over 50 years of nuclear industry experience. Our polar cranes are designed for safety and reliability, with less maintenance, a longer life cycle, and enhanced performance. We are recognized as a leading supplier to the nuclear industry worldwide.

Our polar cranes are supersafe

Konecranes polar cranes are quite possibly the safest available on the market today. Our SupersafeTM patented single failure proof technology almost entirely removes any chance of accidental load drop. Even during a total loss of power, our cranes can safely lower a load.

Our nuclear cranes enjoy the full approval of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and are 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 compliant. They follow the most stringent international safety requirements, including NUREG-0554 and NUREG-0612.

Our proven technology keeps your polar crane operating

Konecranes polar cranes have a unique multipurpose design. The main hoist, auxiliary hoist, maintenance jib crane, and containment inspection lift are all conveniently located on one trolley. While the hoists perform typical plant operations, the maintenance jib takes care of the polar crane itself. You won't need extra lifting equipment to service your crane, or inspect and maintain the containment dome.

Our proven technology keeps your polar crane operating for a longer life cycle and lower overall cost. Forged steel wheels with precision bearing housing means the wheels and rail last. On-board diagnostics help you detect potential problems before they occur. Variable frequency controls provide a reliable and precise inching capability that is essential for critical lifts.