Tundish Cranes

Features of tundish cranes

Tundish cranes are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. The design conforms to the requirements of international standards.

Tundish cranes are typically equipped with hooks on which it is possible to attach lifting devices suitable for tundishes, and due to varied needs, these cranes are tailored.

Advanced functions

Konecranes takes care of safety issues without reducing productivity. Overload protection, the ‘emergency stop’ system bypassed from PLC, derailment supports, and end limit switches are automatically standard features of the equipment.

Advanced automation function options enable improving safety but also lead to better productivity. Such options are DynAPilot, Sway Control, AutOPilot, End Positioning, and AutOPilot Protected Areas systems.

All parts of the mechanical and electrical equipment are designed so that they are easily accessible from permanent service platforms for adjustment, lubrication, inspection, maintenance and repair. Emphasis is placed upon quick replacement of faulty or worn parts as opposed to repair.

Improved crane reliability and availability can be reached with extensive real-time measurement and diagnostics data. The most sophisticated version of the diagnostic tool provides clear reports for analyzing the use and productivity of the crane.