Customer story

CSX Huntington and Konecranes work together to improve efficiency and safety

Konecranes technicians performing safety check

CSX Corporation, one of the United States leading transportation suppliers, provides rail-based transportation services, including traditional rail service and the transport of intermodal containers and trailers.

A solid, trust-based relationship

The Huntington Service Branch has built a solid relationship with the local CSX Locomotive Shop over the past five years. Recently, we sat down with them to discuss the benefits of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of hooks and below-the-hook devices, with a specific focus on the existing 250-ton J-Hooks that are used to lift locomotives in the facility. CSX agreed this inspection process would improve the efficiency of their operations and the overall safety of their cranes.


Inspection reveals a cracked hook

We worked with CSX to develop an inspection process that would not interfere with their day-today business. Our technicians completed the testing of the J-Hooks in just one day. NDT revealed that one of the J-hooks was cracked. The Konecranes inspector contacted an engineering office to evaluate the hook and determine whether or not repairing the hook was a possibility. The engineering department approved the repair, the work was completed over the weekend, and the hook was returned to service on the following Tuesday.


Success leads to proactive maintenance

Because the repair only caused production to be down for one day, the CSX plant was extremely pleased with the outcome. To prevent any hook-related issues in the future, the J-Hooks for the 250 ton crane are now checked annually. Since the initial repair, there have been zero lost production days from hook-related issues.


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