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Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes


Rail-mounted gantry cranes

We can tailor your RMG for your specific operation.

Straddle Carriers image

Straddle Carriers

Great solutions for either general yard duty or boxrunning between quayside and container yard

Automated RTG (ARTG) System image

Automated RTG (ARTG) System

Automated RMG (ARMG) System image

Automated RMG (ARMG) System

Automated Container Handling image

Automated Container Handling

Smart design image

Smart design

Konecranes yard cranes are smartly designed. It begins with how the core lifting components (motors, gear- boxes, control systems) are designed and manufactured in-house. It continues in the intelligent design of the steel structure, which maximizes the crane’s energy efficiency over its lifetime of use.

Active load control image

Active load control

Konecranes’ patented Active Load Control (ALC) system is an integrated sway prevention and horizontal fine positioning system. ALC allows optimum cycle times to be reached in all operating conditions - even with an inexperienced driver.

Safety and operator comfort image

Safety and operator comfort

Safety and operator comfort/alertness are closely related. Understanding this, we put a lot of thought into cabin design. Our cabins provide a very stable and smooth drive experience. Controls and information displays are ergonomically arranged so the operator can precisely control his crane.


Konecranes Port Services

From a single piece of equipment to entire operations, Konecranes supports you in port lifting.

Making history in Abu Dhabi

“Ship traffic has increased dramatically in the space of a few months. With its 16-meter draft 4-kilometer quay wall and Konecranes automated container handling technology, the port can easily accommodate the world’s largest container ships.”

Angelo de Jong, Technical Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Terminals