Powered by Ecolifting for web

Increasing the handprint, reducing the footprint

Powered by Ecolifting means increasing the handprint of our customers by reducing emissions in their operations with the help of our products and services. Increasing the handprint is always a good thing. It’s the good we can do.

Powered by Ecolifting is also about the carbon footprint: the negative effects we cause, the emissions caused by Konecranes’ own operations. We reduce it by improving the energy efficiency of our factories/services and moving to renewable energy sources.

Ecolifting roadmap for ports products

Stepping up

Powered by Ecolifting is Konecranes’ long-term vision to fully electrify its product offering for container terminals and intermodal terminals. The first step consists of making our diesel drives as eco-efficient as possible. The second step consists of providing hybrid drives, taking full advantage of the latest technologies. The third step consists of providing fully-electric products. But it won’t stop there. Konecranes will always be designing products to do more with less and less energy.