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Conventional Diesel

Start with the diesel generator set that you are running on your mobile equipment. Start using bio-fuel to cut CO2 significantly. When it’s time for new equipment, or an overhaul of existing diesel gensets, check out the next steps. 

Optimized Diesel

Make your diesel drives as eco-efficient as possible. Scope them into your new equipment with e.g. Power Drive and Flow Drive for lift trucks or variable speed diesel gensets for container yard cranes. Or retrofit your existing with fuel-saving systems. 

Hybrid Drive

Step forward by choosing hybrid drives, taking full advantage of the latest technologies. Hybrids come in many forms, and can use power combinations such as Li-Ion batteries with diesel, or diesel with electricity from the grid. 

Pure Electric

Step forward to fully electric equipment. It can be connected to the power grid or run freely with batteries. Or both. Either way, zero tailpipe exhaust is the result. But it won’t stop here. Konecranes will always be designing products and services that do more with less.