Konecranes offers summer jobs for technology and commercial students with a passion for learning new things and a desire to work as part of our growing international work community. Come and get a lift for your career! There are tasks available for students in the early stages of their studies as well as for young professionals on the verge of graduation in a variety of locations, in very different, responsible roles. On this page you will find more information on how and when to apply, how our process proceeds and what it is like to spend the summer at Konecranes. Welcome aboard!


Summer work at Konecranes

Konecranes offers every closet to 200 summer jobs, both in production at our factories and office roles in a variety of expert and trainee roles. Our production-related summer jobs are located at our factories in Hyvinkää and Hämeenlinna, while our office roles are mainly located at our headquarter in Hyvinkää and Hämeenlinna. A Few positions are also available elsewhere in Finland, e.g. in Tampere or Espoo.

Our summer jobs are targeted for vocational school and university students aged 18 or over in the field of technology and economics. We have a wide range of summer jobs and we believe there is something for you as well. Our typical roles in the field of technology include production positions (machining, assembly, electrical installation, testing, warehouse operations) as well as various roles related to engineering, product development, maintenance, sales, product information and IT processes and tools. In the commercial field positions are typically found in procurement, communications, HR, finance or customer service.

Konecranes summer jobs typically last for 3-4 months, depending on the job and team involved, and take place between May and September.

Are summer jobs at Konecranes for you? Yes, if..

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You want to learn new things and gain valuable work experience.

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You are proactive and happy to take responsibility for your tasks.

Career opportunities

You want to help customers and your colleagues to succeed.

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You want to find out if we would be your future employer!


Application process and selections

At Konecranes, summer trainees are always selected by hiring managers, who will screen the applications, interview the candidates and evaluate your skills and competencies for the position. All applications will be screened at the end of the application period at latest.

The hiring manager selects the potential candidates and invites them for an interview to discuss the candidate's skills, interests as well as content of the assignment. After that the hiring manager usually makes decisions about summer trainees.

In some cases (such as factories), the application process may also include, for example, group interviews, where you will receive separate instructions if needed. We also may utilize online video interviews via Teams. We will inform all candidates of the outcome of each individual recruitment process in the beginning of April.

Frequently Asked Questions - Read These Before You Apply!

How do I apply for an interesting position?

Applying for our summer jobs is done through our recruitment system on our career pages. Unfortunately, we do not accept applications via email/mail. The first time you apply for our vacancy, the system will ask you to create a password for youself. With that, you can manage your information and keep track of the jobs you have applied for in the future. When applying for the first time for Konecranes, the system will also verify that it's you who is applying: it will send you an email with disposable numerical password. With that numerical password, you wll be able to continue and send you application to us. The system will inform you that your application has been send in that page and you ou will also receive "thank you for your application" email.

How do I apply for various positions?

After you registered as an applicant for the first time, you will have an ID to login and manage your applications (your email and password you created when you applied). Once you have applied for the first assignment, you can go back to the "list of results" and apply for a new position.
While logged in, at the top right, under "Options" you will have access to your own profile, where you will see all the "Jobs Applied" and "Saved Applications". Make sure you click the "Apply" button in all applications. Please note that any attachments (CV, cover letter) you have added to your profile with your first application, will also be added to other applications/positions you have applied for. To add a new/different document, for example a cover letter, first remove the old attachment from your profile under "My Documents". Removing old attachment won’t delete it from your earlier application.

What information and attachments are needed for the application?

When submitting your summer job application, make sure that you fill your contact details accurately and correctly in our system so that we can contact you. In addition to the contact information, please include a short cover letter and a CV/resume, for example, as a PDF-file. Your CV should include your study background, your previous work experience from internships, summer jobs or hobbies as well as any other skills you have gained that are relevant for the job you are applying for. In the cover letter, we wish you would briefly explain why you are interested in us and the task in question. A useful tip! If you have already provided us with the necessary information (study background, work experience, etc.) in the form of an attachment, you will no longer have to fill in the information to all the fields/boxes provided by the system (even though it is possible). If you wish, you may also attach a copy of your study transcript to your application.

How do I know that my application is received?

You will get an email from our recruitment system, if your application is received. The email will come from a no-reply address of our recruitment system and will mention the job you have applied for. Always make sure your email address is correct. If you do not receive a confirmation message, please check your spam folder and/or log in to our system to check the "Jobs Applied" and "Saved Applications -folders.

If you have any questions regarding our summer job search, our recruiter Satu Virtanen will answer your calls from January 15th to 6th of March, 2021, every Friday from 1pm to 3pm from at 0400 - 837990. If she can't be reached right away, she will get back to you during the same day.