Operator using Konecranes S-series crane


The new standard in lifting

We set out to reinvent the industry benchmark. Radically redesigned both inside and out, the Konecranes S-series will set the standard in lifting for years to come.

Confident. Forward-looking. Bold.

When it comes to overhead cranes, our CXT crane has long been the industry standard. With the S-series crane, we’re changing the game again and setting the new benchmark. With never-before-seen features like the tilted drum, offset reeving, synthetic rope and the girder sliding connection, it’s a bold new approach in lifting. These design updates make lifting more precise and powerful, and significantly cut down on wear and tear.


Our next generation reeving system is unlike anything you have ever seen. The tilted drum and offset reeving are standout innovations, helping significantly improve crane lifetime.


Minimized wheel loads

  • Offset reeving provides more balanced wheel loads
  • The geometric arrangement of the traveling wheels and reeving system means a 45% reduction in wheel load

Built to last

  • The tilted drum radically reduces fleet angles eliminating rope crossing and rope peak forces
  • The unique reeving arrangement and unwavering trolley design reduces structural twisting, wear and fatigue


We did the test—synthetic rope is unbeatable.


Less wear and tear

  • Synthetic rope reduces wear and tear of both the rope and the components as it has less surface pressure and friction against the reeving components

Safe to handle and no lubrication

  • The light weight makes it easy to carry and safe to handle as it's barb free
  • Synthetic rope requires no lubrication which helps reduce the cost of rope, rope drum and sheave maintenance
  • The rope is easy to bend and guide around sheaves helping to speed up installation


We were the first company to bring inverters for horizontal movements. Now we have also standardized the inverter for hoisting and taught the crane to understand the hook position.


Control lifting

  • Inverter controlled hoisting means safer load handling, more accurate load positioning and less structural demands

Control load swing

  • Smart Features like Follow Me, Hook Centering and Snag Prevention make everyday operations safer and more efficient


The new, revolutionary main girder has a sliding connection so your crane can accommodate larger runway tolerances.


The ultimate fit for the runway

  • No misalignments and larger tolerances on the runway due to sliding connection

Easier inspections

  • We put welds outside of the main girder in our new welded box structure for easier visual inspections and better evaluation of crane condition


Tap to the power of our cutting-edge digital services ensuring the uptime of even the most demanding applications.


Real time information

  • TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring gives you condition, usage and operating data and alerts of certain anomalies
  • Provides the visibility you need to fully understand the day-to-day use of your cranes
  • Data can help you make decisions on maintenance, safety concerns, training, productivity, and service and equipment investments

yourKONECRANES customer portal

  • TRUCONNECT data is presented in easy-to-read graphs and alerts are highlighted for quick action
  • If you have a service agreement with Konecranes your inspection and maintenance findings are on the portal, giving you a transparent view of events and activities

Technical specifications

  • Lifting capacity: Up to 20 tons
  • HOL: Up to 36 meters
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, CSA
  • Duty Class: up to FEM 3M /ISO M6

S–series customer story

WD Steelworks

Konecranes delivered an S-series crane to WD Steelworks, Loviisa, Finland in 2019. The customer needed a crane that was very precise, smooth and clean for motor installations. The S-Series with never-before-seen features like the tilted drum, offset reeving and synthetic rope provided a bold new approach in lifting.

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