A rubber-tired gantry crane (RTG).

Power Options for RTGs

We provide a complete range of power options for RTGs: Diesel Fuel Saver technology that is further enhanced by our new Hybrid Power Pack, and two fully electric power options, Cable Reel or Busbar.

The path you take — diesel or electric — is a basic part of your business plan. With Konecranes you are covered either way. Our Hybrid Power Pack and Diesel Fuel Saver technologies provide the flexibility of diesel power, while significantly reducing diesel fuel consumption. The two fully electric options eliminate diesel fuel consumption completely while providing the convenience of electricity — no diesel, less maintenance, less noise, lower emissions. These are always important considerations, especially if your terminal is near a residential area.

Full power, full mobility, fewer stops for refueling

The Konecranes Hybrid Power Pack turns a diesel RTG into a diesel-electric hybrid RTG. Whenever possible, the crane is operated with electrical power drawn from the energy store. Like a hybrid car, it takes the energy generated during brakingand converts it into electricity to recharge the energy store. This solution can reduce diesel fuel consumption dramatically. The RTG can operate much longer on every tank of diesel fuel, so it’s spending more time moving containers. This power option is a proven Konecranes solution from your OEM supplier.

High RPMs when you need them, low RPMs when you don't

You don’t need to run the RTG diesel engines at high RPMs, nonstop. The Konecranes Diesel Fuel Saver provides power-ondemand, matching the RPMs to the work the machine is doing. It
ensures that the diesel engine is running at optimal efficiency at all operating points, without high-speed idling. The Konecranes Diesel Fuel Saver cuts fuel consumption dramatically, without compromising crane performance. This can amount to savings of tens of thousands of Euros a year per RTG, depending on operations. This solution is 100% modular, from your OEM supplier, and can be retrofitted to existing Konecranes RTGs. The package includes replacement of the old diesel engine with a variable speed engine and installation of an active bridge inverter.

We have delivered over 250 yard cranes with a cable reel

This solution equips the RTG with a cable reel, a feeding cable and a transformer, feeding electricity from the grid to the crane. The feed point can be either at one end of the operating area or at the center. A fixed or portable auxiliary diesel generator is used to move the RTG between stacks. When the RTG is in its new position, the electrical power is reconnected. This solution is 100% modular and can be retrofitted to existing Konecranes RTGs.


Like the cable reel, the Busbar option converts the RTG to fully electric operation. The power is supplied by a low electrified fence that provides the physical contact. RTG operation is quiet and there are no diesel emissions. Since there is no refueling, the RTG spends more time shifting containers and its availability increases. With this solution, we convert the diesel RTG to Busbar operation by replacing the diesel engine with a power collector, making the machine fully electric. Depending on the voltage, a transformer may be required.

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