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TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring for overhead cranes
Use TRUCONNECT data to optimize safety, productivity and maintenance activities TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides the visibility you need to…
Juustoportti's dairy products are made in its own dairy and uses only organic ingredients, milk from happy cows
Customer story
Milk delivered from dairy farms to Juustoportti must be processed quickly so that it cannot go spoiled. In a critical operating environment,…
Konecranes rope guide
As an alternative to OEM parts, Equivalent Parts are functionally similar replacements designed and manufactured by Konecranes or sourced from…
Agilon warehouse automation in the production warehouse replenishment process
What is Direct Line Feed (DLF)   DLF does not have any precise definition in the academic world. But it is often mixed with Vendor Managed…
Konecranes ZONE
Konecranes ZONE is your personalized experience to discover what Konecranes offers. ZONE is a steward that helps you effectively explore, collect and…
Warehouse worker inspecting package and item details from the Agilon UI
In modern manufacturing, with customers expecting more customized product variants for their needs, also the amount of small different items…
Overhead crane broken sling
In 2011, experts from the Konecranes Training Institute analyzed 249 OSHA reported crane incidents that occurred over the period of a decade in the U…
Modular and automated storage and retrieval system Konecranes Agilon
The world is changing fast. The consumer business is moving to digitalized platforms requiring faster delivery times and cheaper prices.…