How we can help you stay productive

Safety is always our number one priority and during this period of great uncertainty we are focused on the health and safety of our employees and their families, our customers, and the communities we operate in.

Konecranes is fully committed to supporting the business continuity of our customers, some of which are playing critical roles in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of essential goods such as food and medical supplies. We are constantly monitoring developments and carefully planning our operations to mitigate the pandemic’s impact where possible.

We’ve put together some information on our digital tools for when you are working remotely, tools to help you figure out what crane to buy for your process, and things you can do if your production has increased or changed.

Crane recommendations and online demo

Crane Advisor

Online tool that offers recommendations for a crane based on your specific lifting-application needs.

Live Channel

This convenient live streaming video service makes it possible to see a crane with Safe Features in real-time from a remote location.

Digital tools

Konecranes STORE on mobile

Konecranes STORE for parts

Whether you need parts, manuals or even pre-configured lifting equipment, ordering online saves you valuable time.

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yourKONECRANES customer portal

Your crane maintenance information and usage and operating data in one online platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

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TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

When you’re working remotely - remote monitoring can give you visibility into the maintenance needs and performance of your cranes.

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Your crane operators are on the floor – you’re working remotely, with CheckApp for Daily Inspections your operators can easily perform their pre-shift inspections and you can review their findings online at

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Konecranes woodyard cranes
Konecranes woodyard cranes

Konecranes Woodyard Cranes RPC-226 Overview

The high-performance Konecranes RPC-226 Rotating Portal Crane is the ultimate combination of efficient radial storage and quick cycle times. Optimize the safety and productivity of any woodyard operation today by maximizing inventory capability, minimizing truck turnaround times, and partnering with a log-handling crane specialist like Konecranes.


Online training

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The Konecranes Training Institute in the US is offering remote training through online webinars.

Things to consider for the future

Automation improves productivity and cost efficiency image


Automated overhead cranes can reduce labor costs, track inventory, optimize storage, reduce damage, increase productivity and reduce the capital expense associated with forklift systems.

Smart features

Smart Features

Smart Features are Konecranes-designed add-ons that work together or individually to improve safety and cycle time. These features assist the operator in controlling the crane by performing certain repetitive actions or compensating for misalignment and erratic movements.

TRUCONNECT Retrofit for Demag cranes


Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current productivity-enhancing features and technologies to a crane.


When production ramps up or changes, a crane may need a modernization to maintain productivity.

Idle cranes

If you have a crane that will be idle for a month or more, your local regulations may require that you have inspections performed before you start using that crane again.

The business impact of COVID-19

For more information on the business impact of the crisis, see our coronavirus question and answer page that is being updated regularly.