Equipment's for Nuclear Industry

Cask handling cranes image

Cask handling cranes

Konecranes offers reliable and quality-compliant nuclear cask handling cranes for dry cask handling. These specialized cranes use a single…
Cask Transporters image

Cask Transporters

The latest generation of Konecranes spent fuel nuclear cask transporters are designed to be safe and easy to maintain at a low ownership…
Fuel Handling Cranes image

Fuel Handling Cranes

Konecranes nuclear fuel handling units feature multiple redundant safety measures and single failure proof design for maximum safety in a…
Nuclear Polar Cranes image

Nuclear Polar Cranes

The Konecranes polar crane is a tested, quality-compliant crane designed for maximum capability, low cost of ownership and easy access for…
Turbine Hall Cranes image

Turbine Hall Cranes

Konecranes turbine cranes are designed for reliability, low lifecycle cost and easy maintenance, with overload protection and available…
Hevi-Lift Hoists image

Hevi-Lift Hoists

Hevi-lift hoists are used in various applications throughout a nuclear power facility; from standard lifts to safety-related, highly…
suwnice z wciągnikiem łańcuchowym

Overhead cranes

Backed up with latest technology

Industry-leading crane technology that meets light and heavy industrial lifting needs up to 500 tons. Learn more
stanowiskowe systemy dźwignicowe

Workstation Lifting Systems

The right lift for every station

Automotive industry has dynamic processes, unique production requirements and operating environments hence workstation lifting…
Agilon maintenance and repair operations warehouse


Material handling reformed

Agilon® is a multi-award-winning and patented, automated material handling product and service, that gives you exact information on…

Expertise for Nuclear Industry

A 50+ year history

There is no substitute for experience. Our comprehensive range of nuclear lifting equipment and service represents the expertise we’ve gained in 50 years of working in the nuclear industry.

Technology for your most critical operations

The nuclear power industry demands the highest levels of safety and reliability. Konecranes Supersafe™ single failure proof cranes provide unprecedented safety for critical nuclear operations.

Services for Nuclear Industry

Nuclear crane service

Crane Service

Experienced service experts

The nuclear industry requires compliance with strict regulatory and quality requirements. Konecranes can provide parts and service in…
Konecranes technician works on crane modernization

Crane Modernization

Give aging equipment a new life

When your crane begins to show its age or you need to increase the speed and lifting capacity of your crane, modernization can provide less…
Parts warehouse worker


Parts for all makes and models

When you install new components, your crane becomes safer and more reliable. We are able to supply the parts you need, regardless of the…

Customer Reference Stories

Constellation Energy

“Konecranes developed a new solution based on our current situation. It was an innovative idea, and they presented the model that showed the outcome.”

Mark Fitzsimmons, Manager of Plant Operations, Principle Engineer

First Energys

Konecranes, working closely with Davis-Besse engineers planned and executed the work flawlessly, completing both projects in only three days.