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Konecranes owns the OEM drawings and manufacturing process details for more than 40 crane brands, going back more than 130 years and we have almost a century of experience working on cranes and hoists of all types and makes. No matter what name is on your crane or hoist, we can help you get the parts you need, when you need them. All replacement hoist and crane parts sold by Konecranes meet CMAA, AGMA, ASME B30.2 and OSHA 1910.178 standards, and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.


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Crane gears

There’s a simple test of gear quality that anyone can perform—just listen. Crane gears that run quietly are precision gears with excellent tooth form, operating silently in straight, parallel bores. These are gears that will last the lifetime of your equipment.

Replacement gear products

Konecranes is a crane gear supplier of products designed for the rugged use and abuse experienced in crane operation, utilizing advanced metallurgical specifications, tooth design, and heat treatment options.

They are hard, silent, longwearing, and ready to go to work with no initial “breaking in” period. Large tooth profiles and tough core properties minimize breakage while resisting the high shock loads common in crane applications. We manufacture OEM gears up to 48” diameter, and up to AGMA 14 quality. We build crane gears and pinions in helical, crowned, and spur configurations. Quality is assured via our computer-controlled system that measures all critical aspects and logs them for customer viewing.  

If you’ve purchased “will-fit” replacement crane gears in the past and experienced premature gear failure, you should know that longer life and top performance make genuine OEM crane gears or Konecranes Performance gears based on original OEM specifications a better value.

Crane wheels & sheaves

Crane wheels

Crane wheels manufactured by Konecranes meet or surpass industry standards. Our patented 60 Plus™ induction hardened wheels are the industry standard in wheel longevity. Better than carburizing or flame hardening, 60 Plus wheels deliver a uniform hardness profile on the wheel tread and a softer flange core to add toughness, minimizing brittle failure.

The uniform case depth on the treads results in improved ductility on flanges for increased strength. Since this results in less friction between wheel and rail, crane wheels from Konecranes can help improve rail life and lower overall costs.

Wheel assemblies save time and money

Konecranes wheel assemblies offer lower acquisition cost with the peace of mind that comes from expert assembly in factory-controlled conditions. They also reduce installation time in your facility.

Prescription wheels correct skew

Konecranes PRESCRIPTION Wheels are custom designed for each specific application. A special steering flange and dual drive (each wheel independently driven) deliver corrective steering to address excessive bridge binding and crane skewing issues. PRESCRIPTION Wheels help eliminate uneven wheel wear and reduce stress on other components.

Part of our PERFORMANCE PARTS™ line, PRESCRIPTION Wheels and Assemblies are available for all brands of cranes, surpassing the design requirements of the OEM.

Brake wheels and crane sheaves stock

Konecranes stocks blanks and raw material in stock for rapid final machining of brake wheels and crane sheaves. Konecranes is your best single source for fast delivery of any needed part.

Crane motors

Konecranes stocks crane-duty wound-rotor and Magnetorque™ motors for all crane motions, on any make or model of overhead crane. Konecranes owns the OEM drawings and manufacturing process details for more than 40 crane brands, going back more than 100 years. If you need a new OEM crane motor or need a crane motor rewind, we can help.

Crane motor rewinds

Konecranes rebuilt crane motors: Performing like new at a fraction of the cost.

Konecranes is the industry leader in motor rewinding/rebuilding. Here are just a few of the competitive advantages offered by our in-house motor design and manufacturing capabilities:

  • Proprietary wire: Heavy gauge fiberglass over enamel wire for improved varnish retention to withstand mechanical forces and provide higher heat resistance.
  • High efficiency design: OE diamond shaped coils offer more efficient end turns than standard round-end turns (mush wound).
  • Maximum durability: Class H insulation increases temperature tolerances.
  • Core loss testing: Measures and eliminates core losses that lead to motor and higher operating temperatures.
  • Craftsmanship: Rotor connectors are copper banded, TIG welded, taped and covered for optimal heat resistance.
  • Quality processes: Rotors and stators are dipped multiple times without solvent according to OE specs, including VPI for larger frame sizes.

Custom engineered motors

PERFORMANCE™ Motors can address issues with short service life of OEM crane motors due to high utilization and tough environments. Konecranes is your best source for rewinding and rebuilding any brand of crane motor to original equipment specifications.

What customers are saying about Konecranes rebuilt crane motors:

“We use our cranes in continuous cycles of operation in an environment that exposes them to high heat along with an airborne particulate matter. The motors become stressed and need to be replaced often. We were looking to cut costs and made the decision to accept a lower price from a local rewind shop when we needed to replace the worn motors. Let's just say that you get what you pay for!

After struggling with poor performance and reduced life span of the local shop's rewound motors, we have returned to Konecranes. Our Konecranes rewound P&H® motors have lasted five times longer than the motors we got from the local rewind shop.

The story doesn't end there: after analyzing our crane productivity, Konecranes recommended and designed higher horsepower motors to improve the duty cycle well beyond the original motors. That reduced our downtime and increased our crane productivity to levels beyond what they ever have been.”

Bottom blocks

Konecranes stocks complete bottom blocks, also known as hook blocks, in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, as well as the common wear items such as hooks, frames, pins, sheaves, bearings and safety latches. Every bottom block assembly contains the OSHA required safety latch and has been tested to meet its rated lifting capacity.

Crane controls

Konecranes offers the industry’s widest range of replacement overhead crane control solutions and hoist control systems, including single and two-speed controls, inverter controls, radio controls, pushbuttons and OEM PLCs for special overhead crane control scenarios. We also provide replacement components such as contactors, motor starters and relays, with most parts in stock for rapid turnaround.

Drivecon crane control solutions

As the parent company and OEM, we can offer the crane industry’s best pricing and delivery on the entire line of Drivecon crane-duty motor drives and hoist control sytems.  For expanded information, visit the Drivecon website.

Hoist drums

For hoist drum replacement, our large-diameter drum cell can manufacture drums up to 48 inches in diameter and 26 feet in length. If your application requires it, Konecranes replacement hoist drums can be flame-hardened and stress-relieved for superior performance.

Hoist drum rebuilds

We can also rebuild your hoist drum, offering re-grooving to original standards and gearing replacement. Konecranes has access to countless original equipment manufacturers’ drawings, allowing us to fabricate parts for cranes and hoists no longer manufactured.

Konecranes supplies replacement hoist drums in both metric and English size classifications, according to the specifications of your OEM.

Drive shafts

We stock motor and crane drive shafts for all brands of lifting equipment, and if the shaft you need is not in stock, we can easily make custom drive shafts when you supply details about the requirements of your crane. The correct motor shaft will ensure precise bearing fit and maintain the overall shaft strength and integrity.

Crane drive shaft supplier

Because we know that precision surface finishes reduce fatigue problems over time, Konecranes manufactures crane drive train shafts and gearbox shafts that exhibit the high quality and precision surface finish of an OEM part. The shaft you order can be made of pre-treated steel or may be heat-treated (carburized) after machining for extended life. Whether your crane requires surface hardening or through-hardened parts, Konecranes can supply the shaft you need quickly, made with the care and quality assurance you would expect from your OEM.

Crane gearbox

Konecranes is your source for more than 40 brands of OEM replacement crane gearboxes – more than any other lifting manufacturer. Because we archive the original drawings for all of the brands we own, we can provide replacement crane gearboxes that are identical to the original, guaranteed to fit and wear as originally intended.

If you are unable to obtain an OEM gearbox for your crane, our reverse engineering process may be the answer. Through reverse engineering, virtually any obsolete, hard-to-find or first-time OEM replacement crane gearbox can be manufactured at or above the original specs and at the high-quality level the industry has come to expect from Konecranes.

Replacement crane gearboxes

If you prefer to upgrade your equipment, we manufacture spur, helical planetary or bevel gear reducers, in the widest possible range of configurations. Each model can be ordered with a cast iron or stress-relieved, fabricated steel housing.

Gearboxes are fully sealed with gears operating in an oil bath; with external oil level indicators and an available auxiliary lubrication pump for severe-duty applications. Cooling fans can be added to increase thermal capacity if needed. We also offer a “split differential input” feature, allowing dual power sources for critical process operations where downtime is unacceptable. Gearboxes designed with this feature will continue to drive the crane a half-speed, in emergency mode if one power source fails.

Crane & hoist wire rope

One of the most frequently replaced parts of your lifting equipment, wire rope is a critical component for cranes and hoists. Manufactured in many different sizes and constructions including non-rotating, left lay, right lay and so on, it is vitally important that your crane or hoist wire rope be replaced with new crane wire rope of the correct size, type and breaking strength.

Wire rope supplier

Before you spend time reading pages of specifications, give us a call.  As a wire rope supplier, we know exactly which replacement crane or hoist wire rope is required to keep every make and model of lifting equipment running smoothly and reliably.

Crane brakes

Konecranes supplies all types of friction brake parts, including disk brake, shoe brake and load brake parts and assemblies for all cranes. We stock the typical wear items such as brake pads, wear disks and pivot pins, many of which are on the shelf and ready to ship the same day we receive your order.

Friction brake replacement wear parts

It is important that replacement wear parts for all overhead crane brakes are made of the correct friction material specified by your crane’s manufacturer. At Konecranes, we only supply materials as specified by the OEM to maximize safe operation and safeguard performance and productivity.

Crane bearings

Konecranes supplies anti-friction roller bearings needed to repair gearboxes, motors, wheel assemblies and bottom blocks for any brand of overhead crane. All of the crane duty bearings sold by Konecranes are available in sizes from a half-inch and larger, up to 21 inches in diameter for any OEM application required. Most roller bearings are made of carburized steel and come in both shielded and sealed variants. All of the crane and hoist bearings supplied by Konecranes meet the requirements and specifications of your crane’s OEM and the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

Crane bushings

Konecranes also supplies replacement bronze and oil-impregnated bronze bushings for brakes and pivot assemblies on any EOT crane.

Crane contactors

Konecranes supplies a full line of IEC and NEMA-rated electrical contactors for any OEM brand of crane motor or control that requires them. Purchasing the right size crane motor contactor is critical. Konecranes maintains a wide range of electrical contactor options on our shelves. No matter what model you need, chances are we have it in stock and ready to ship when we receive your order.

Critical spares package

You may want to consider including contactors in your crane’s critical spares package to reduce downtime and safeguard production. Our database of historical data on crane wear for a variety of crane manufacturers can help you decide what spares to keep on hand.

Crane assemblies

Our experienced parts application engineers have online access to more than 130 years of detailed engineering files and drawings. After analyzing your problem, kits or assemblies are often suggested, making for faster and safer installation, often at a lower total cost. The benefit of purchasing an assembly versus a single part is the assurance that fit and function will be consistent. As a result, the overall lifespan of not only the parts, but the crane and hoist may be extended.

Performance process

Konecranes can apply the PERFORMANCE process to any brand of crane, and to any problem area. Rather than focusing on a single part, we consider the entire crane and how each part impacts its related components. By replacing key assemblies with upgraded new components and performance crane assemblies, Konecranes can help mitigate chronic crane conditions and improve the overall operation of your crane in a major way.

PRESCRIPTION® Crane Wheels and Assemblies

Konecranes prescription crane wheel assemblies offer lower acquisition cost with the peace of mind that comes from expert assembly in factory-controlled conditions. They also reduce installation time in your facility and promote longer wheel and rail life.

PERFORMANCE™ Gears and Assemblies

Our crane gear assemblies can address issues with vintage, two-piece pinion gears on shafts with unknown and unseen cumulative stresses that can potentially lead to catastrophic failure.  Replacing the entire assembly with a one-piece pinion shaft enables the crane to run more efficiently with reduced maintenance downtime, while extending the life of the crane.

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