Maximizing safety for equipment and personnel


Delivering safety improvements with smart technology and a consultative approach

At Konecranes our goal is everyone home safe, every day. We believe there is no job so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely and correctly. We provide a wide range of maintenance services with the objective of improving the safety, productivity and sustainability of our customers' operations.​


Prioritizing safety

We engage customers through a consultative, open and transparent approach to deliver measurable improvements in safety, productivity and sustainability.​

Whenever we service equipment, we apply our Risk and Recommendation Method to document and prioritize corrective actions. We note failures, deficiencies and/or violations and categorize them as either a safety risk, production risk or an undetermined condition. We also identify improvement opportunities and make recommendations for corrective actions and discuss them with you during the review process.

When we are on site and a safety-related risk is detected, the inspector or technician will carry out a Safety Review with you before leaving the site or returning the equipment to operation. The purpose of the Safety Review is to make you aware of observed safety risks and get a quick decision on next steps. 

At the end of a service visit we'll meet with you for a Visit Review, during which the inspector or technician will go over identified risks and improvement opportunities and get a decision on recommended actions. We'll follow up with a Service Review to make sure safety items have been addressed.


Safety is smart and digital

We're using smart technology and features to provide measurable increases in the safety of our customers' operations. Our digital ecosystem—including the yourKONECRANES customer portal—brings transparency and real-time information to support informed decision-making, optimized maintenance and accurate troubleshooting. 

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