Wall mounted console cranes

Konecranes wall mounted console crane

Efficient lifting for small workstations

Wall console cranes are ideal for work areas located adjacent to each other. They are used to transport materials to individual workspaces, and often handle components inside assembly compartments. A typical wall console crane can lift up to 10 tons no higher than 10 meters, and operates on a 10-meter girder. Its compact size allows the crane to squeeze into tight assembly lines, warehouses, or other industrial areas.

With the right kind of load, wall console cranes can slide horizontally along a track on the wall. They can be operated below overhead cranes, enabling several logistical flows in production areas. They can also handle heavier loads when compared to standard workstation lifting systems. It can be used as an auxiliary for larger overhead and gantry cranes, or by itself in very limited space.

product features

Konecranes wall console cranes have the following product features:

  • Single girder, profile and box
  • Energy chain power supply, optional festoon
  • Two-speed or Adaptive Speed Range (ASR) inverter hoisting control
  • Typical outreach under 10m
  • Vertical leg same type as main girder (both profile or both box)
  • Lifting eyes on crane to ease handling in production and on site
  • Key mechanical components designed specifically for cranes

technical specs



Lifting capacity

up to 10 tons

Lifting height

10 meters

Hoist speed control

Two-speed or inverter hoisting


Energy chain, festoon as an option

Crane control options

Radio or pendant

Hoist options

Wire rope hoists: S-series or CXT

Chain hoist: C-series

Girder design

Profile or Box girder


+5...+40 - Special features available for wider temperature range


Usually indoors - Special design for outdoor use

Bigger wall console cranes are available according to requirement specifications


Konecranes wall console cranes help your small workstation with the following product benefits:

  • Light but rigid steel structure minimizes building stress while allowing accurate load handling
  • Smooth, accurate and safe travel movements from inverter control
  • Can be tailored to comply with specific requirements  
  • Easy maintenance
  • World-class service network

Hoist options for wall console cranes

S-series hoist

S-series synthetic rope hoist

When installed on the wall console crane, the Konecranes S-series rope hoist gives you a lifting capacity of 10 tons. With an innovative structure and next-generation features such as offset reeving, stepless vertical movement and synthetic rope, this hoist sets the standard in modern lifting. Synthetic rope makes the S-series safer and lighter to handle. Smart Features such as Follow Me, Snag Prevention and Hook Centering provide total control and take safety to the next level.

Konecranes CXT hoist for gantry cranes

CXT wire rope hoist

When installed on the wall console crane, the Konecranes CXT wire rope hoist provides a lifting capacity of 10 tons in any industrial setting. Available in a variety of models, from basic standard to high-tech advanced, adaptability is one of its greatest strengths. The CXT is known for its efficient use of space under the crane and its excellent hook approaches. In addition, Smart Features such as Sway Control, Hook Centering and Slack Rope Prevention make operating the crane easy.

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Ponsse kokoonpano
Customer story

Wall console cranes provide flexibility to assembly

Ponsse’s goal was to make manufacturing more flexible by unifying their crane equipment using the most advanced crane technologies available today. The assembly line was broadened through rearranging production, and the expansion of more than one hectare planned by Ponsse was unique in scale for the Finnish manufacturing industry.

As a special solution, Konecranes delivered more than 60 different types of cranes, which includes wall console cranes. The lifting capacity of the supplied cranes varied from 250 kilos all the way to 10,000 kilos and nearly a kilometer of new crane track was built in the expansion.

Increasing the efficiency of production

Konecranes wall console cranes are just one of the extensive range of lifting equipment and services we provide to increase the value and effectiveness of your business. We are one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial cranes and rope hoists and a technology leader with digital controls, software and automation. With over 600 service locations in nearly 50 countries, our global reach combined with local know-how empowers your lifting solutions to increase your safety and productivity.

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