Compliance Gap Analysis

Evaluate the compliance status of your crane inspection and maintenance practices 

The Compliance Gap Analysis has been designed to render an expert opinion whether your current crane operations and maintenance practices are in sync with applicable regulatory requirements and best practices. The analysis is performed by Konecranes experts and available for all makes and models of cranes and hoists. 



While it cannot provide absolute conclusions, it can guide you in identifying potential gaps between where you are and where you ought to be regarding compliance. It can also provide recommendations to help you mitigate the associated risk. 


Compliance survey 

The Compliance Gap Analysis begins with an on-site meeting that includes your plant safety, maintenance and operations management as well as other vested departments or personnel during which we explain our information gathering methods and answer any questions about the analysis process. 

We then conduct a review of your facility looking at information such as inspection records, maintenance manual availability and preventive maintenance (OEM) requirements. We study key processes that typically include inspection practices, pre-shift checklists, spare parts availability and corrective maintenance procedures. We review safety incidents and training modules with your crane operators to get a holistic view of your situation. 


Findings review 

The findings of the Compliance Gap Analysis are reviewed in person with plant management. Safety- critical matters are prioritized. The report and our recommendations are considered highly confidential and, except as required by law, are not otherwise stored, shared or distributed.