Custom Cranes

Specific cranes for specific needs

Many of our customers require engineered, process cranes that are custom-built to their requirements. With lifting capacities of up to several hundred tons, Konecranes custom cranes can be optimized to your precise lifting needs. Our Konecranes experts can observe your process to help deliver a crane that meets your specifications.

Custom cranes for industries

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Konecranes offers portal, steel mill, coker cranes and other heavy-duty cranes. Each crane is built with safety in mind, such as our steel industry cranes, which are build with added protection from heat and dust. Other industry-specific considerations include coil-handling; stamping and assembly cranes for the automotive industry; explosion-proof cranes built to MSHA regulations for the mining industry, and specialized grabs for fuel and energy production.

Proven technology in new applications

Konecranes standard cranes can be custom-engineered or altered to meet your needs.  We can also design new elements as needed. As always, all Konecranes parts are tested for safety and reliability.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our custom cranes suit your lifting needs.


Ekokem, waste plant, Finland - Custom Cranes

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