Our crane and hoist service experts use a consultative approach

Connecting with crane service customers on a personal basis

Our consultative approach can help guide your decision-making. We don’t just drop off a report on the way out. We take time to meet with you one-on-one and share our findings, provide recommendations based on our industry-leading expertise and discuss how each action impacts your operations and the entire health of your business.

Our proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method is the basis of our inspection and preventive maintenance processes. No matter what service is being performed, Konecranes Risk and Recommendation Method drives our evaluations and consultative processes, giving you a safety and production advantage.

Inspection and preventive maintenance services include several key consultations including: 

Safety Review: This equipment-level review is designed to inform you of detected safety-related faults or issues before the technician leaves your site or before the equipment is returned to operation.

Visit and Service Reviews: These job- or site-level reviews provide you with insights into inspection and maintenance findings, identified risks and recommended actions.

Business Review: This business-level review of your current maintenance program is aimed at demonstrating a return on investment and driving continuous improvement.

Crane Analysis From our Experts

You may not be able to hear it, but your cranes have something to say about how they’re feeling. Fortunately, our global network of skilled local technicians speak crane. They’re experts at diagnosing what’s ailing your equipment—even things invisible to the naked eye. Utilizing industry-leading technology and non-destructive testing, our consultative services can uncover latent or hidden defects with minimum disruption.

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