RailQ 3D Runway Survey


Fast, comprehensive, safe runway survey

The condition of the runway influences how well a crane moves on its rails and affects the usability and lifetime of the crane and its traveling machineries. A runway in poor condition leads to reduced crane performance and reliability, and possibly to safety risks.

The RailQ 3D Runway Survey has been designed to deliver accurate information on the alignment of your crane runway and provide expert recommendations for corrective actions. RailQ 3D uses high-definition surveying techniques combined with point cloud data analysis to provide information on runway condition. RailQ 3D takes you beyond guesswork with a proven, accurate and reliable system to help you find answers and make decisions.

If you need just a rail survey we can conduct a RailQ Rail Survey to give you accurate alignment information of your crane rail and recommendations for corrective actions. 


Benefits of the RailQ 3D Runway Survey

  • Provides accurate data on the condition and alignment of the runway through high-definition surveying by trained specialists.
  • Is safer to perform than a traditional runway survey because it uses a remotely operated data collection instrument.
  • Gathers more data in less time than a traditional survey delivering the same information.
  • Condition data and recommendations are easy to interpret and share. Field adjustment and repairs can be easily made with the information in the engineering survey drawings.


Accurate measurements with less downtime

RailQ 3D point cloudRailQ 3D uses the latest high-definition surveying technology to measure and analyze the critical aspects of the runway system including: the runway rails alignment to one another, the alignment of each rail to its corresponding runway girder, and rail and girder condition.

The survey data is accurate and repeatable. Our proprietary analysis and 3D visualization software produces reports that visualize the problem areas. Konecranes engineers review the data to recommend alignment strategies and highlight areas where critical safety and production issues are found.


Symptoms that may indicate the need for a runway survey

  • Crane tracking and skewing issues
  • Excessive wear on wheels and rails
  • Loose rail fasteners
  • Abnormal noises during bridge travel
  • Frequently replacing bridge couplings, rail splices, rail sections and crane wheel axles
  • Broken wheel flanges, etc.


RailQ 3D can help you plan maintenance in advance

Performing RailQ 3D as part of a periodic inspection program on your critical production crane runways can identify chronic issues signaling the need for a long term engineered solution.

This approach allows you to plan maintenance far in advance and implement corrective actions during planned outages and production stoppages to limit the effects of lost production.


Read the expert article: RailQ 3D Runway Survey plays a key part in preventive maintenance


When we recommend a RailQ 3D Runway Survey

  • A crane has experienced or is planned to have a significant increase in usage or duty class
  • Planning a modernization of the crane structure or driving machineries
  • Planning to increase the lifting capacity of the crane(s)
  • A new runway or runway rail have recently been installed
  • Before a new crane will be installed on an existing runway
  • An additional crane is being added to an existing runway
  • Replacing end trucks or driving machineries
  • Before and after an engineered or critical lift is performed
  • Limited information on how the existing cranes were used in the past


RailQ 3D reports available on yourKONECRANES.com

RailQ 3D reportYour RailQ 3D report and recommendations are made available on the yourKONECRANES customer portal. The portal gives you quick and easy access to your crane maintenance information, asset condition and usage data, and agreement details. You get a transparent view of all maintenance activities, TRUCONNECT alerts if applicable, and even spend over any selected time interval. Aggregated data can be viewed, analyzed and shared quickly, for a single asset or an entire fleet.

The portal provides the information you need to help make informed maintenance decisions. During a service visit, our mobile-enabled technicians can quickly and efficiently input information so you have quick access to your service data including findings and recommendations and your service report can be easily downloaded or shared.

Get a complete view of crane and rail geometry

Konecranes RailQ 3D Runway Survey and CraneQ Crane Geometric Survey work together for a complete view of crane and rail geometry.

The CraneQ Crane Geometric Survey provides accurate information detailing the alignment and the square of a crane. The scope of the survey includes wheels, guide rollers, end trucks, girders, and other components of the crane.

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