Overhead Crane Hook Assessments

Hook Specifications For Overhead Cranes

Using a hook that falls below specifications recommended by the manufacturer tempts fate. Specifically, it increases the chance for equipment failure that could lead to injuries and lost production time. Hook failure can occur for a number of reasons, including overloading, mechanical abuse of the hook or cumulative fatigue.

Hook assessments by Konecranes technicians can help determine whether your hooks are up to the job you expect from them—and if they show any signs of potential failure.

OSHA 1910.179 Overhead & Gantry Cranes Regulations
(the following excerpt taken directly from OSHA 1910.179)


  1. Hooks shall meet the manufacturer's recommendations and shall not be overloaded.

To make certain you are using the appropriate hooks on your lifting equipment and to have them checked for fatigue, call the Konecranes service nearest you for a hook assessment and hook repair.


*The foregoing OSHA regulations are not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all applicable regulations pertaining to the designated topic.  State laws may mandate different safety and maintenance standards.  Accordingly, please consult applicable state laws as well as original equipment manufacturer specifications for further guidance.  The statements and descriptions contained herein constitute the opinion/recommendation of the seller and are not intended to create any express warranties.