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Rebuilt crane parts for a fraction of the cost of new

At times, a brand new part is not the best answer to a problem. We specialize in taking old, worn out parts and components from cranes of all makes and models and rebuilding them to perform like new but at a much lower cost.


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Rebuilt parts offer an alternative that is both cost and time effective. Rebuilt motors, for example, perform like new but at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can save 40 to 60% the price of a typical new replacement part. Additionally, urgent repairs of major parts or components can often be accomplished by rebuilding or refurbishing them, in less time than it would take to order a new part or component.

The specialized processes of the Konecranes rebuild center have been developed to maintain the integrity of original equipment specifications and performance for all rebuilt parts. Our rebuild processes use high-quality materials and industry expertise to deliver superior results. Equipment is restored to original manufacturer specifications and your restored equipment warranty is the same as a new replacement.

We rebuild parts for all brands including the 40 brands for which Konecranes is the OEM. Our most common parts and component rebuilds include rope drums, gearbox assemblies, motors, brakes, control modules, bottom blocks and trolley assemblies.


Rebuild process

Konecranes has streamlined the rebuild process to save valuable time for critical replacement parts, and to get you up and running quickly with minimal downtime. When you ship a part or component to be rebuilt at the Konecranes rebuild center our quality and engineering team will analyze the components and develop a detailed report of their condition including cost-effective solutions for anything found to be out of compliance with current standards. With the evaluation report you’ll receive a rebuild quote compared to the price of a new part. Once you order the rebuild, we order needed materials, complete the work and test before shipping the rebuilt part to you.

A satisfied parts customer

A customer had a breakdown on their only production hoist. A new drum had a 14- to 16-week lead-time, but Konecranes was able to rebuild the drum and get it back to us in one week. That saved our customer more than $30,000 and 15 weeks of downtime.

Scott Lane, Service Manager, Evansville, IN

Motor rebuilds

Rebuilt crane motorOur reconditioned crane motors perform just like new electrical crane motors, but at a fraction of the cost. Damaged shafts are replaced with new for a precise bearing fit and to maintain the overall shaft strength and integrity. All motors are electrically tested complete which includes hi-pot tests for voltage and current. Eddy current brakes are dynamically tested under load using a dynamometer.

All outgoing repairs include an application of rust inhibitor, a protective boot and inclusion of a patented torque nut for brake motors. We use proprietary heavy gauge fiberglass over enamel wire for improved varnish retention to withstand mechanical forces and provide higher heat resistance. Core loss testing minimizes core losses that lead to motor inefficiencies and higher operating temperatures.


Trolley rebuilds

Is your trolley assembly tired and in need of a lot of work? We can strip it down to the frame and install new bearings, seals, friction discs, input shaft and coupling. We also replace old and worn holding brakes. The electrical components can be upgraded wit

h new wiring and conduit, new junction box and terminal strip that replace the old style butt-spliced wires.


Brake rebuilds

For brakes, we'll tear down the brake assembly to base. We'll then sandblast and check for wear/and or cracks and replace any damaged parts with new. We'll inspect bases for wear at bearing housings, bearing surfaces and pivot points and brush and re-machine as needed. The brakes will be reassembled with new bearings, bushings and hardware and adjustments are set back to factory specs. Brake shoe relining is also available for most brakes.

We offer a streamlined shoe brake assembly rebuild service. Using standard kits for each brake assembly, we replace parts that commonly wear, providing you like-new brakes that are tested before being shipped to you. We'll provide you with standard pricing for each brake size and give you a detailed inspection report with photos. 


Hoist drumsRebuilt hoist drum

We can re-groove and replace gearing on worn hoist drums.


Electrical components

Konecranes is dedicated to building electrical components to order and we can assemble and ship older or difficult-to-find components within days. Many in-stock items can be on their way to you in less than 24 hours. We can rebuild switches, controls, master switches, push buttons, contractors, relays, brake rectifier panels, CV relays and limit switches.



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