OSHA Sling Inspections

Temperature Considerations for Sling Use

Slings are critical for keeping loads on overhead cranes attached, steady and balanced. But when you operate your cranes in high temperatures, you must be careful to ensure that your equipment remains in good working order.

Certain temperatures are simply too hot for equipment to remain stable and intact—and care should be taken to replace rigging equipment that has been exposed extreme temperatures.

OSHA 1910.184(e)(6) Sling Inspections
(the following excerpt taken directly from OSHA 1910.184)

Inspections: Safe operating temperatures

Employers must permanently remove an alloy steel-chain slings from service if it is heated above 1000 degrees F. When exposed to service temperatures in excess of 600 degrees F, employers must reduce the maximum working-load limits permitted by the chain manufacturer in accordance with the chain or sling manufacturer's recommendations.

Konecranes inspectors and technicians can inspect the slings and other rigging equipment in your facility to determine if it meets OSHA standards. Call Konecranes to have an inspector review all of the lifting equipment in your facility.

*The foregoing OSHA regulations are not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all applicable regulations pertaining to the designated topic. State laws may mandate different safety and maintenance standards. Accordingly, please consult applicable state laws as well as original equipment manufacturer specifications for further guidance. The statements and descriptions contained herein constitute the opinion/recommendation of the seller and are not intended to create any express warranties.