CraneQ Crane Geometric Survey


A prescription for recognizing running problems

Do your cranes suffer from premature wheel wear, rail wear, structural component failures or drive faults? All of these are common results of incorrect crane geometry. Have your crane operators complained about a crane making strange noises or positioning incorrectly? CraneQ™ Crane Geometric Survey can help you find the root cause of these symptoms to avoid major problems and costly downtime.


Benefits of CraneQ

  • Provides more accuracy than traditional surveying techniques
  • Reveals problems in crane alignment that cause unnecessary wear on components or safety issues
  • Minimizes downtime due to component wear by assuring correct component alignment


Geometric insight into the alignment and square of your crane

CraneQ report

Cranes that are straight, square, and aligned experience less repair costs and are more reliable. CraneQ provides accurate information detailing the alignment and the square of a crane. It measures dimensional tolerances of wheels, guide rollers, end trucks, girders, and other components of the crane.

In this survey we verify the crane for squareness, meaning the end trucks must be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the bridge girder for the crane to track properly. In addition, the geometry of the end trucks themselves is verified, as is the alignment of the wheels within the end trucks. Finally, the girders for the crane are measured for camber. 


Accurate geometric analysis guides corrective actions 

CraneQ is based on advanced and traditional measurement methods. Proprietary software and skilled survey technicians provide an extremely accurate geometric analysis of your crane. In addition to the survey results, we share our expertise to help you to plan corrective actions. 



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