Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers

Known for their excellent productivity, manoeuvrability, high speed and reliability. They do not need yard infrastructure, so initial investment costs are low. They are available in versions stacking containers 1-over-1, 1-over-2 or 1-over-3, ideally suited for step-by-step enlargement of container terminals as needed. The drives can be diesel-hydraulic, diesel-electric or diesel-battery-hybrid. Also available as automated versions.

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Sprinter carriers

Sprinter carrier Konecranes Noell của Konecranes thuộc cùng dòng sản phẩm và được thiết kế để vận chuyển container nhanh chóng từ bến cảng đến bãi container
Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers là sản phẩm lý tưởng cho việc vận chuyển container tốc độ cao giữa bến cảng và bãi container. Các sản phẩm này cũng có thể được sử dụng cho nhiều ứng dụng khác đòi hỏi vận chuyển container nhanh hơn với khoảng cách xa hơn.

Sprinter Carriers thường được sử dụng trong
Vận chuyển container ngang cho nhiều ứng dụng khác nhau
Xếp chồng container tại
bãi, bốc dỡ tải lên xe đầu kéo or tàu hỏa

Dễ dàng nâng cao, cải thiện công suất

Path to port automation 

The control system of diesel-electric Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers is designed in such a way that automation can be added without extensive modifications to the existing machines. Operators of existing terminals can convert manual straddle carriers to automated, unmanned A-STRAD operation. A new terminal can start with manual equipment and convert to automated operation in the future.

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Path to Port Automation

Path to Port Automation

Are you on the path to port automation?

The Konecranes Noell Sprinter and Straddle Carrier are arguably the most adaptable to automation on the market. The machine design and Konecranes' deep automation expertise, offer operators the ability to automate according to their investment budget. You can move forward at your own pace, renewing the machine park first, and continuing to convert right up to automated terminal operation.


Konecranes Ecolifting


Ecolifting is Konecranes’ long-term vision to fully electrify its product offering for container terminals and intermodal terminals.


Maintenance and remote support

Port Parts Package

Our global footprint and technological advantage mean we can be a powerful partner in keeping all of your equipment at maximum possible availability.

  • Corrective & On-Call Assistance
  • Preventive & Planned Maintenance
  • Remote & Predictive Maintenance
  • Service agreements

50 Years of Passion of Straddle Carriers

Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers are known for their excellent maneuverability, high speed and reliability. They do not need yard infrastructure, so initial investment costs are low. They are available in different sizes, stacking containers 1-over-2 or 1-over-3, ideally suited for step-by-step enlargement of container terminals as required.